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Jamie "Jampottt" Donnelly is a recording and mixing engineer from Teesside. Graduating from Teesside University in 2014 with a First Class Bachelor of Science degree; with Honours, in Music Technology. Get in touch for location work, mixing, mastering, producing, writing, playing and editing work. No project is too big or too small!

Finally… The YT Tutorials

Hi Guys, Sorry for the severe neglect – I do reply to every e-mail I receive, but due to being so busy I’ve not had the chance to update my Blog in forever. Today I finally published my first 2 … Continue reading

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Updated Tutorials!

Hi Guys, If you head over to my active You’ll be able to find the tutorials and written reports from my Brauerizing study, with all images working! J

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Excellent News – Dissertation retreived!

Wonderfully I started working for Teesside University last week, on the course I graduated from 12 months prior – very, very, very happy to be here. In a meeting with my tutor for the Brauerizing project (now a colleague!) I asked … Continue reading

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Tutorials coming soon!

Apologies to all who have messaged me and I’ve yet to reply! The WordPress was used for my university study into Brauerizing and post uni I’ve neglected it a little, I’ll answer as soon as I can! I achieved the … Continue reading

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New Coldplay Album

…is bloody lovely. Sadly, Brauer’s not mixing on it and it’s done by Spike Stent, but should be checked out nonetheless. Really lovely and intimate album.

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Multi-Bus Compression – Task Report

I’ve written up one hell of a Task Report for the Multi-Bus Compression stage of Brauerizing ITB. Felt rude not to share. Media files and images would share for some reason… but hope use is found in the text. It’s … Continue reading

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A trick to save me from typing…

As I’m knees deep in my Project report, and the use of this blog is pretty much redundant now… have Brauer’s latest mix. Lovely stuff.

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This project is pretty much finished! All that’s left is writing my report, in which I’ve written a whole chapter (10 000 words!). I have a strange loving relationship with it, but will keep posting interesting project related tidbits here!

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A B C D unmasked!

Brauerizing – C Multi – Band Compression – A New York Compression – D Stereo Bus Compression – B Interesting, huh?

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Blind listening test results…

So.. I’ve got the results from the blind listening test and my predicted for the four were correct and did not prefer Brauerizing as a means of finalising in comparison to the other three… Will post the results tonight!

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