So, what is it I can offer?


The role of the Producer in Music is not dissimilar to the role a Director in Film. Your song may have the potential to be the treasure, In my role as the Producer it’s my job to be the map. Do you need a George Martin styled production with eloquent string arrangements to lift the song that final 10% or do you want the more Mutt Lange approach, with the song worked on and rewritten until it’s as perfect as you could want it? Whichever side of the extreme you lay, I have plenty of experience to be that role for your project.


The role of the Engineer is to capture the performance as the artist intends, in order to portray their message upon playback. Whether this is setting up a comfortable MIDI Rig to allow full range of Sequencing possibilities, capturing the perfect vocal recordings for your project, or a plethora of microphones scattered and arranged to capture your full band, there is no situation too big or small that I would struggle with.


So, your track has been meticulously Produced and Engineered, with a Pro Tools session loaded with Audio Files, what next? Mixing. Mixing Engineers were once referred to as Balance Engineers, as the role of a Mixing Engineer is to take the individual channels of audio and Balance into a coherent piece. Sculpting channels individually through Equalisation, Dynamic Processing, Spatial Effects, Stereo Placement and Amplitude in order to present the song exactly as the artist intended it to be heard, and more!


If Mixing is the art of Balance within a song, Mastering is the art of Balance within a group of songs. Mastering is the final percentiles of an Audio Recording to take a great mix and present it as a competitive song, adding the final glue, sheen and loudness (when asked) to allow the song to stand up with any competing artists within the genre.

Songwriting / Musicianship

With over 10 years experience as a Guitarist, Bass Player and Songwriter, I am more than happy to perform and chip in the writing process if needed. On past client projects I have fully written, co-written, played Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, String Arrangements and more! If you’re unsure just ask!